Saturday, 5 May 2012

Another week in Laguna Santa Maria

Its hard to know where to start but lets get the rugby out of the way first. Those of you that know me well will know that I love rugby and in particular Newcastle Falcons.........not always an easy thing given their form over the last few seasons but today, they finally got what I think they deserve , after several lucky escapes, they will be relegated to the Championship ( unless some crazy RFU rule stops the winners of the play-offs getting promoted ) . I listened on-line and it sounded like a pretty poor performance -to stay up we needed to score 4 tries-away from home!! Pigs might fly.

Still that's the UK and this is Mexico. Starting to get settled into life on the laguna, its pretty quiet during the week but at the weekend it gets a bit busier with Mexicans from Guadalajara in their tents and renting the bungalows. Last weekend was manic, especially Sunday , where the locals "dump the car anywhere" caused a bit of a problem with the narrow entrance to the site. Everyone drives huge big pick-ups too !! But people are very friendly and seem genuinely intrigued that 2 old English folk should be spending 5 months here!!

I should tell you a bit more about the nuns........Loretta, Bea and Rita. The latter two, who are Irish, are working about an hour away and come to the town Sunday and Monday. Loretta is based here and she is American and is helping local women run a centre for alternative medicine. They offer massage, reiki and various lotions and potions and the local women have been trained to deliver most of it. Chris had a massage on Wednesday for $50 -that's pesos not dollars-about 2 pounds 50p. As this is a Catholic country there is no choice out here in the sticks so I went to the noon service last Sunday and it was quite easy to follow-the sermon is aimed at people who don't read -so lots of repetition which is good for my Spanish..........there is also a service sheet which does help keep up too.

Kindergarten has been good, there are only four children Armando(m), Itzel, Harilyn and Angel (m) and I do about half an hour of English twice per week. They might end up with Geordie accents !! Last week we did colours and this week I am doing parts of the body. I stay for another half an hour as they do their normal lessons and then at 11 they have their break..............for sugary drinks and sweets.  There is another Kindergarten in a village 5 km away with 20 children, so might investigate helping there.

We managed to sort out a Mexican SIM but it doesn't work in Chris' dual SIM phone!! So had to put it in mine. He was so excited about having this phone and it doesn't want to work!!

Yesterday was one of those frustrating days when nothing is as it seems. We went to town in the morning and Chris booked his massage for next week, EASY. Then the barbers was closed but one of the locals said it would be open at 5pm. Same story - at the woman who does pedicures  -the rough ground here is wrecking my feet (closed now but she is open at 5). The ladies hairdressers was also shut. Plan B go back to the Laguna and come back up to town in the evening. Popped to fill the car up..........its $10 a litre-that is 50p.

Sorted the dogs early, they go for a swim and then get fed afterwards, and then off to town. Barber was there but not cutting hair till Sunday 10 am till 8pm............and definitely doesn't do shaving or beard trimming! Pedicure place still closed...........may have to e mail Germany and find out when it is open. Hairdresser open and have an appointment fro Wednesday.

All in all this was 4 times ( 2 up 2 down) 8 kms of winding road and about 2 hours.............but hey we are retired so its not like we don't have plenty. 

After our evening trip had a quick beer in the Mirador-overlooking the laguna. The only sell tiny bottles of beer at $10 each-same price as a litre of petrol!! Our Friday night would not be complete without a beer at the shop- you buy a cold beer in one shop $18, then 2 plastic cups next door $1 and sit on the wall and drink with the locals.

A big Harley pulled up with a huge tall guy and a girl and she was wearing the tightest jeans you have ever seen. He said Hiyall!! He was Mexican, Roberto, but had been living in Indiana for 18 years, she, Abigail, lived in Guadalajara and they had come to the laguna for the day. They were so sweet- they had been childhood sweethearts and had lost touch and reconnected through facebook last August and had met again face to face the day before. He described here  as amor de mi vida..........the love of my life!! It made my day , they had a beer with us then rode of into the sunset on the Harley..........We got into our Ford Ka and went back to our laguna paradise.

We are really lucky to be here, the laguna is beautiful and the wildlife amazing. Fabulous butterflies of all colours and sizes, while I was sweeping the leaves off the path today there was a whole hosts of tiny violet butterflies. The birds make amazing sounds, a big one is called a chuckalucky, and that is just what they sound like. At night there is a bird that makes the sound of fireworks dropping through hey air. The orioles are amazing yellow and black and there was a huge eagle taking off yesterday as we walked.We have humming birds too.

It isn't all idyllic though, the dogs went chasing after some chickens on Thursday and between the 3 of them killed it-felt awful as it belongs to a Mexican family!! There is also coping with the plumbing, water etc but more of that next week.

We are never sure how hot it is outside as the thermometer is on a wall and will measure the heat of the building-most days 38-40 C. Yesterday I checked in 3 different places and it was 39 ( in full sun) 36 and 34 in the shade. So I'm going for about 35...........and it is the same everyday for about the next month or so till the rain comes..........but at least it will be hot rain.

I've added a couple of pictures of the house and the lake............till next time

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  1. Hi Norma,

    I think I've finally figured out how to reply to a blog!

    Sounds like an amazing place, so interesting and full of surprises. The pace of life sounds very relaxed and I love the idea that beer only costs 50p haha! I bet the kids are right little characters. Not sure I like the sound of the sugary drinks and sweets for break though....they'll be hyper afterwards!

    Keep the updates coming and as I'm turning into a bit of a rugby fan myself, I agree the Falcons need a good kick up the you know what for their performance!

    Take care and look forward to the next installment,