Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Getting hotter and hotter!!


This week's blog could make those of you in the UK wish for some sun but there is sun and then there is sun!! These last couple of days have been savage-it hit 35.9 inside and on Sunday we went for lunch and the usual cool breeze down by the lake was like one of those hot fans you get in shop entrances in the winter!! Sleeping on Sunday night ws difficult, although we have aircon it is in the living space not the bedroom. Apparently the rain is coming.............and no doubt then I will be moaning about that!! Very English thing talking about the weather.

We have had quite a quiet week really . On Wednesday , for the first time, we went out on the laguna in a kayak. It was a little bit cloudy which helped and we were able to see all of the fabulous houses from lakeside. We walk at the rear of most of them. They are stunning, most have a pontoon for access for their posh speedboats ans some type of shaded palappa near the laguna and then garden leading up to fab houses. Some have floor to ceiling glass and must then have aircon!! The wild life is great too, some lovely colourful herons ( with the skinniest necks I have ever seen!!), huge iguanas basking in the sun and fabulous butterflies. I have tried to get some shots but it is too difficult to catch them still.

The dogs are doing fine but lekkie finally killed a duck on Thursday, it was lame and waddling through the forest and she killed it and left it. They also have a penchant for running after and barking at cows and bulls, some of which are huge!!The cats continue to do what cats do, drift in an out for food. Charlie is in the doghouse at the minute though. We had to repair one of the mosquito nets on the window from the kitchen to the porch. Managed to get the stuff to it replace it at the ferreteria and in the heat Chris put the new netting in and I repaired a small hole in the back window by stitching another piece over. It hadn't been up more than an hour when we saw the cause of the tear in the netting. Charlie was using it as a way in and out of the house, we then put some kitchen stuff in front and he still did it -so now we have had to partially close the window.

Chris has got himself sorted with some Spanish "classes" he's gone from none to 2 types in a week. Jose , he's at secondary school, is a young waiter at Catalina and Chris had joked with him last week about the two of them teaching each other and this week Aurora, the cook, helps sort that. So last night Chris went up to SAMAO and did his first session with Jose and his dad. I mentioned this also to Maria, (she is a retired science teacher) and she has found Chris a teacher and his first lesson is Sunday after church.

We meet some fascinating people here too. Last week we had two mid week visitors to the laguna. Christean who lives in sayulita ( by the beach) camped here. He is Italian, but born in Argentina and then moved to Milan, and has a Swiss girlfriend who runs a dog rescue place ..................what is it about Europeans!! Apparently he comes regularly and knows the owners of the house. He was swimming butterfly across the laguna...a stroke that always looks such hard work.

 Also here was Eugenio a gynaecologist from guadalajara who camped right on the shore side doing his Robinson Crusoe thing!! His taste in music was a dead giveaway to his sexuality.........Frank Sinatra , George Michael and Elton John.  Then Sunday we were sat by the laguna enjoying a beer and the peace and quiet, as all of the weekend Mexicans had gone home, when our young ( he's about 25) neighbour from across from us came back. He had a suit carrier over his shoulder so I asked him where he had been? Turns out he is an opera singer!!

Today i am at kinder, it is Father's day on Sunday so the kids are making gifts most of the week. Then I am off to SAMAO for a massage at the dispensario ( part of the church) the church has helped a group of local women set up a centre. Then we are having a Mexican lunch with Michael, he can't cook so his landlady is making us something. No doubt chili will be the basis of it!!

I forgot to mention that Chris finished his dental work and now has a lovely set of front teeth-it took about 6-8 visits but was worthwhile----------I've included a picture!! i must make an effort to get more photos taken-next week pictures of SAMAO.

Well that is it for this week-its 6.45 and we will be having a cuppa soon and then off with the dogs before it gets too hot. I love this time of day, its cool, the birds are singing the sun is rising

Till next week

Norma xx

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  1. Hi Norma - looks like you've had enough heat to last a lifetime - am I right?? You can send some our way if you don't mind. We've had more rain and the temp is not what is expected here in June. More like April, if we're lucky. Looks like the footie is going to be spoiling my tv for some time to come. Although I did watch the England v France match. What a load of dirty players the frogs are. Still brits didn't lose, so that has to be good, but that's my full quota, and I'm going to press on with de-cluttering the kitchen after getting a new fridge/freezer. Last one died rather unexpectedly.Stephen says he's not got many kitchen utensils, so it's been a good excuse to have a blitz. Maybe some things could be on the antiques road show! So after this, anda refreshing cup of green tea, I'll start today's stint. You mentioned computer punctuation marks - can you tell me where they are on the keyboard? I have all the usual ones, but foreign ones have seemed to pass me by. Any help would be welcome! Enjoy your blogs immensly. Must get a new atlas to exactly pinpoint your location, sounds like fun! Best wishes, Kim x