Monday, 9 July 2012

Holiday time

After 11 weeks it is time now for a break..........we have 2 weeks away from the house sit and are going to the beach. If you look on a map of Mexico on the west coast you will see the riviera Nayarit. We head for party central Puerta Vallarta first and then move north to San Pancho, Lo de Marcos and finish off in San Blas before returning here in 2 weeks time. 

Some of you may be thinking holiday...............surely every day is a holiday but no!! Imagine if that was how you lived you life?? Eating and drinking constantly ..............fatty body and fatty liver!! So really  looking forward to being in hotels, not having to cook, clean etc and not tied to the dogs and cats. 

We have air con too so every time I start to melt it will be switched on. We have only booked the first hotel-mainly to get somewhere to start off and to fit in with Chris' advanced diving course...........if he completes it he will be able to dive to 30m. He is however very nervous about doing a night dive with only a hand torch between him and the black ocean.

We had a fabulous day on Sunday some friends invited us for breakfast and they live close to the lake on the other side. Fabulous setting and lovely food and company. Julia uses a felting technique to make shawls in her studio overlooking the lake and Jorge is an architect and he designed two of the three houses on the plot of land they have.

Much later in the day we went to the laguna for lunch and had Mona's fabulous coconut prawns. Catalina's was heaving with folk and there was dreadful mariachi band playing but it all adds to the atmosphere. 

Today has been baking hot and very humid but we went up to town to do some last minute bits, Chris had his massage, Loretta ( the nun) has an English medical student for 2 weeks so we popped in to say hello. Last week I went to see Lulu, the doctor and fogot to pay..........oops-so put that right today. SAMAO feels very much like home now, lots of the people in the shops, market cafes etc know us now so there is always plenty of Spanish practice.

Chris has been in touch with his bank recently, someone has used his debit card details to run up a bill at travelodge for about £400. So we are in the process of a new one going to Auntie Pat's in Newcastle and then forking our £40 to have DHL send it over.............couldn't trust it to the post!! As Imogen's boyfriend pointed out if you are going to commit fraud surely you could spend the money somewhere plusher than travelodge!!

Well, shorter than usual but still have things to sort before the trip. We have wi-fi in some places so will write from the beach.............and expect lots of pictures of lovely beaches............and the odd margarita...........and I am dying for a Gin and Tonic.....haven't seen gin anywhere!! The first hotel has a pool bar and happy hour!!
Vaya bien
Norma xx

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  1. Hope you both enjoy your planned trip (when Chris gets his credit card sorted out)I've got myself an atlas, so it's nice to know excatly where you are at last! Carl was right about Chris's card - I'm surprised they didn't go mad. In the days before credit card fraud someone pinched my catalogue details, and managed to clock up £1,000 worth in about a week! It was all watches and jewellery, and they very kindly changed delivery details to THEIR OWN ADDRESS so when I reported it - the Fraud Squad caught them red-handed! Unfortunately things have got a bit more sophisticated in that respect these days. Needless to say, you can only be very vigilant, but even then, there's no guarantee. Hope everything works out for you both on your hols. Vaya con dios. Kim x