Friday, 8 February 2013

Back in the desert

Hello, we had a mixed last day in Huaraz. The trip to the glacier ended at 5,000m and you then had to walk uphill, the exertions of our walking in Yungay got the better of us and after a horse ride halfway we just looked at the glacier from afar. It has receded about 800m in 8 years due to global warming.......... On our last night we had a wonderful meal in a pizza restaurant, the service was good and speedy and everything came at the right time and was beautifully cooked and very tasty.

Our daytime bus to Chimbote was fine, fabulous views as we climbed over the mountains and then a beautiful valley full of fruit and avocado trees...............heaven............We got a VIP bus onward to Trujillo, not before we had a lunchtime snack. We went into the bus station cafe and despite a menu on the wall the waitress got irritated when we asked if there were any sandwiches.........when she started drumming her fingernails on the tray we walked out-she clearly thought that was fine!! 

A little snack bar next door were much more accommodating. We hadn't booked in Trujillo we just pitched up at the Hostal Colonial and got a nice big room for 80 soles. Trujillo is quite a sophisticated place, and ,although a nice setting, the cafe in the toy museum charges European prices for coffee!!

Our first full day was to rest and I had a manicure and pedicure for the princely sum of £4. Then we just chilled, had a fabulous salad for lunch and gorgeous chocolate brownies and coffee after dinner in a little cafe on the square. We had planned to leave the next day but stayed on and visited El Brujo, a pre Inca site where they found the grave of "The lady of Cao". This whole area has Huacas, sacred pyramids, and the museum and site were one of the best we have visited.

Yesterday we had breakfast with a lovely American couple in a beautiful courtyard, I know 7th February and having breakfast outside with shorts on!! I had a traditional Peruvian breakfast, with Tamales.

We left Trujillo and are now in Chiclayo, further north. We got a taxi from the bus station to Hostal Amigos and got the usual chat from the taxi driver, do you have a booking? I know a good Place! Yeh where you get commission and we get charged extra. The hostal is very clean and comfortable and there is a veggie cafe over the road. Last night we had fabulous veggie food in the Hare Krishna restaurant, I had lightly Indian spiced veg in a yogurt sauce with rice.

Tramping in the Cordillerra Negra

Jan our 4 year old guide!!

Posing in Huaraz

Two grumpy old men

The pyramid of the Lady of Cau-El brujo
From here we want to visit 2 more archaeological sites at Sipan and Sican. We go to the former today and we have booked an English guide, although our Spanish is good it is tiring listening and translating for a whole day. At Sipan there was a warrior king buried, and there are museums with gold artifacts is Peru's Tutankhamen  We hope to organise a half day horse riding too. Then we will head off to the beach..........

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