Thursday, 2 August 2012

Greetings from the laguna

Morning, or afternoon or evening depending on which time zone you are in!!

One of the things blogspot allows you to do is to see where people are logging on from in the world..........Russia seems to be a strange place to have a large number of views!!

We are back to normal life in the laguna which is just stunning now, 6-8 weeks of rain has made it into the greenest of places and when it comes the rain is so refreshing. We get thunder and lightning 4-5 times a week and it rains a little bit most days and a lot some days. It's scary sometimes and the other night the window frames were rattling with the thunder overhead.Last week we woke up to rain one day and it drizzled on most of the day.

The weather has been doing funny things to the laguna though, the algae has been worse but yesterday we had our first swim and it was wonderfully clear. The Mexicans look out at us as if we are mad, our hairdressers asked did we wear life jackets and weren't we scared of the eels, another person asked had we seen the monster!! Well, no, we just swim, sans life jackets and the only thing we see is the odd passing leaf!!

I've had a dose of Delhi belly this week-think it might have been the breakfast last Saturday. Lazed around feeling sorry for myself just wanting some peace and quiet...........huh no chance in Mexico, what with the drummers, the birds, the insects etc Feeling better now though and it did get rid of the little bit of weight I put on on holiday. Every cloud has a silver lining, as they say.

Chris and I are in planning mode for South America, I might start my colour-coded spreadsheet soon ( this is something that only people who have been with me on a trip to the Edinburgh fringe will understand). He has various pieces of paper with his hand written hard to read......good job I spent years deciphering the handwriting of doctors when I worked as a dietitian.

Our friend Loretta is making slow progress, she has had typhoid and I am staggered that the order of nuns don't vaccinate the sisters who venture off to foreign parts. I'm hoping to visit today to see how she is doing. My jabs are up to date for everything possible except rabies.

I was ill over the weekend and was so looking forward to luscious coconut prawns but had boiled rice and plain grilled fish...........this Sunday...........the prawns. Tomorrow Michael is coming for dinner ( he was ill last week to ) and Chris is firing up the BBQ and he has been marinading huge pork ribs all week. I don't like loads of meat but I'm sure they will be delicious. 

This pirate ship is specially for my little mate Alexander xx

Having climbed to the top..........

There is only one way down!!
We keep hoping that we will get some cooler morning weather to walk round the lake but we have had clear warm days and cooler much better than June!! When we go to South America it will be really cold at night in many places , those Andes are pretty high!! Maybe I should stop the HRT and have built in central heating.

That's about it for now, I'm off to town about 10 and next week we are off to Tepic on the collectivo-that should be fun. Collectivo's are small minibuses and they leave once they are full. Its about an hour to Tepic and it drops you in the Plaza Principal-we thought we would go and look at the cathedral, museums etc.

Apologies about last week's blog-not up to the usual standards-the spellchecker on blogspot doesn't always's hoping.......

Till next time

Norma xx


  1. I don't think you are in a position to comment on anyone's handwriting!!

  2. Not sure I could get up the pole let alone come down that way!