Sunday, 26 August 2012

Only three weeks to go ..........

We've had a quiet week really, Chris has still been struggling with his knee and heel so I have been walking the dogs myself. That has proved mostly uneventful and they have been reasonably well behaved. The field next to koala is a great place, there are a few paths and then masses of new greenery which they just love to frolic around in. The temperature has been a bit cooler so we haven't been taking them swimming to cool down.

The kids all went back to school on Monday and it was like flicking a switch, suddenly the site was quiet in the week and it was just like when we first got here.Up in town it is quiet too and I asked in one of the shops and they said that there will be very little money till the corn harvest and lots of people are out in the campo working in the corn fields.

We went into Tepic again this week, to get supplies and to change some money into dollars ready for Peru. As we were coming out of Walmart i could hear the tell tale sound of our drumming neighbours. It seems they go to Tepic to drum at the traffic lights!!

The church in SAMAO



Earlt morning cloud sitting above tha laguna
I went back to kinder on Thursday and pleased to see that there are 6 children. Edith, the teacher had found three small black puppies on the main road near her house and for some reason she thought that we would take them and find homes for them!! Nope.......she must have said 3-4 times..........if Marlena was here she would take them!! Hopefully she has found homes for them or they will have to go to the vet -kinder than letting them struggle on the streets. The new kids seem nice but we will least it is good that there are a few more.

We have been swimming more this week, the laguna is about 3 feet higher ( a huge increase in volume) than when we first arrived and as the weather has been more rainy in the daytime the water temperature has reduced. Also the lack of holidaymakers means we don't have to play dodge the speedboats!!

We had a little spell of 3 days where we had rain during the day, it made the air much fresher and it wasn't very heavy and of course it is still warm. The corn is growing well and the rain will help it fatten.

On Saturday we had a trip out to some waterfalls near Cofradia and then went to a village called El Real. Athough it is only 5 km away from the laguna it seems like another world, far more people on horseback and a quiet pace of life. There was a set of gates opened with what looked like a small water viaduct. It was a private house but the owner , Antonio, invited us to have a look. The " viaduct" was a waterway built from adobe that carried water to the silver and gold mines. He was a lovely man who was super fit as he did triathlons.........he had calves you could have drummed on!! The majority of people we have met have been so friendly and helpful and if you ask nicely, and in Spanish it does open doors.

Chris has had some bad news from home this week, his mum is in hospital in Southampton. She has had fairly major surgery and is in intensive care. She is stable and slowly improving. There is no suggestion he goes home but she is 80 and has been in poor health for a few years so we will just have to wait and see what happens.

Chris continues with his Spanish classes and I can hear an improvement, he is more confident and can create sentences which is good. We have got our classes booked in Sucre in Bolivia. We will live with a Bolivian family and have 4 hours of classes each day. 

Today instead of lunch on the laguna we went back to the lovely BBQ spot. Again fabulous food, I had goat and Chris had pork. They make the tortillas by hand, so i bought some for home and they make cheese so bought one of those too!!

We have the three nuns coming for lunch tomorrow. Loretta , who lives in SAMAO, and B and Rita who live near Tepic but come here for the weekend. B and Rita are Irish but have been in Mexico for years and they work in the new federal jail in Tepic. It should be a good meal with plenty of craik!!

Well that's all for now folks, till next time.

Vaya bien

Norma x

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