Thursday, 6 September 2012

Peru here we come.........


Hope this finds you fit and well!!

This time in two weeks we will be in the land of Paddington bear..................and I am just getting excited about going and am ready to leave our beautiful laguna. This will be a short blog this week as I have loads to do today. I have an hour at kinder then I need to crack on with the Argentina planning because I have got another trip to plan.
B-one of the Irish nuns

Those of you who know me well will know that I love rugby union and have just realised that the next Lions tour next year 2013 is in Australia and that 2017 is in New Zealand and 2121 in South Africa. Having already been to NZ there are a whole load of reasons why 2013 is screaming out to me to go. I've always wanted to see the Lions and think i can sort it out. 

However it would appear that it is a HUGE industry and that independent souls really struggle to plan a trip. Flights and accommodation are easy.........Emirates from Newcastle via Dubai to Brisbane, sleeping easy and couch surfing is easy in Australia. However the tickets are another matter and are tied to a few travel companies who charge ridiculous prices for everything, and most of the travel companies are run by ex rugby players!! I have found somewhere to book tickets as part of a hospitality package and may do that as I can save by booking everything else independently. Also I don't think I could stand three weeks of "touring" with hordes of rugby fans!!

Back to Mexico..........had a lovely day on Sunday with Julie and Jorge and their Friend, Enrique. They came for breakfast and we made poached eggs on avocado toast with English breakfast chili!! Chris' knee is still not brilliant but he is making slow progress, he managed a day shopping in Tepic yesterday. Used the wifi in Starbucks and uploaded some new books for my kindle and enjoyed real coffee. We had lunch at the fabulous vegetarian restaurant again, wonderful selection of food and all beautifully presented.

Kinder is problematic again, teachers were on strike on Tuesday!! I have three more session and will just focus on having a good time with the kids. Today we are going to learn words for clothing and do some counting. I know the teacher appreciates the time I spend there as she said she liked what I did.
Antonia-one of the therapists
Tomorrow I am hoping to go and see some ancient paintings in a little village near here...........well if it is easy to find as the tourist staff in town we could end up at three different places!!

 At the weekend may go out to a little pueblo at the north end of the lake. i met a lovely woman called Irene in the hairdressers and she invited me to go and visit. The Mexicans are so hospitable and friendly. 

Chris came back from last week's Spanish class with 2 avocados and some requeson cheese!! A gift from the lady who lets him and Pedro use her house for lessons!! Pedro teaches at the university in Tepic and we bumped into him yesterday.
Maria (or Chulyeta) my lovely friend who teaches me how to make Mexican food
We have bought gifts for the 3 children who live on the site here, Marleen ( she is at kinder) loves princesses so i got her a book about them, Oscar (11) loves football-easy bought him a ball and Chris is giving his virgin fishing rod to Rafa. Life for them is very different to home, they spend a lot of time outside playing, the boys help clean the site with their dad, Rafa fishes loads and Oscar drives both the pick up and the quad........yeh on the road too!! Don't recall seeing many L plates anywhere.
Alma- the lovely giver of massages!!
There has been great excitement at the dispensario  as they all learn about the use of magnetic therapy, last week there was a three day course. I provided snacks for Saturday, raw veggie and hummus and tzatziki which they all loved!! All of the photos this week are from that event courtesy of Miguel.......also I just found out that if you copy and paste photos it is much quicker than uploading!!

Till next time.........the last news from Mexico 


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