Wednesday, 7 November 2012

La ciudad blanca SUCRE

Hola de Sucre, una cuidad muy hermosa y colonial con edificios antiguos. Hay mas jovenes aqui que en otra lugares porque la universitad y la mas vieja y popular en Bolivia. A las siete de la tarde las calles son llenos con jovenes. Este semana estudiamos espanol en una escuela que llama "Mea gusta", las classes son 4 horas y tambien tenemos tareas!! Estamos en un hotel colonial pero yo espero que po la fin de semana vamos a cambiar a un hotel mas lindo . Lunes vamos a Potosi y despues Tupiza y despues a Argentina.

Greetings from the fabulous city of Sucre, it was the original capital of Bolivia, and is steeped in history. Simon Bolivar was the first Bolivian president and he helped liberate Bolivia and the first act of Independence was signed here. The first Bolivian university was also begun here.It is like a colonial Spanish town, beautiful white buildings but with a South American vibrancy  It is full of young people and at about 7.30 in the evening the streets are just flooded with them.

But back to last week..........Coroico was a fabulous place!! Our journey was about 2 1/2 hours on the new road which parallels the deadliest road in the world. We climbed up and out of La Paz to La Cumbre and then a descent into the cloud forest. The town was small and friendly and we got a taxi up to Sol y Luna. Our cabana ( bungalow) was a five minute walk uphill but worth it for the views, and the walk was though a lovely tropical garden. We has a cabana for 7 just for the two of us, a lovely patio with hammock and a big kitchen and bedroom. Our nearest neighbours were about 5 mins walk away and it was so peaceful  We delighted in going to the town to buy food to cook, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. We bought half a chicken and he cut it in half with a huge ax!! We got the half with the head too!!
Guarding the President-old and new

The most dangerous road in the world 

our little oasis in Coroico

The view for breakfast

Competition to make bread for Day of Dead

The Cloud Forest

I loved cooking and we had a fire pit so Chris did his man bit and BBQd the chicken and some pork. We spent the days lounging, walking to town and generally chilling. The weather was lovely and one morning we set off to walk up hill but it was steep and the heat so bad we got an hour uphill and came back. We returned to La Paz on Friday- a holiday in Bolivia .........the day of the dead.

I hadn't really like La PAz the first time but after Coroico it seemed dirtier and noisier but it was only for one night as we had a flight booked to Sucre the next day..............or not. We were due to fly at 1pm and at 9.20 the airline cancelled the flight, we had to undo a booked taxi and check back into a room we had only just left. Another day in La Paz, we did an afternoon bus tour to get away from the smog of the centre. 

Anyway the next morning we flew to Sucre............where of course all of our previous arrangements had been changed to!! We were having difficulty contacting our Spanish school so we booked into a hostel. I found it while Chris stayed in one of the many "chicken" cafes, when I got back the table was covered in plates of chicken and chips!! As we were leaving Elisabeth from the school spotted us and we cancelled our homestay and arranged to meet at 8.30 the next day for classes. The hostal was nice a room looking onto a big courtyard, so we unpacked and went in search of a veggie restaurant, it was closed but we had  a lovely Chinese instead. 

We had an exam first and then we were assigned our teachers, mine is Gabriella and we have been revising irregular verbs and the past tense!!It is hard work , four hours is a long time one to one. After Mondays class we decided to move hostels as the wi-fi wouldn't connect and we needed to use it. Chris had some bad news about his nephew and needed to be in touch with his aunt and sister regularly.

So we are now in room 18 of the Grand Hotel, we have a massive room with TV and a small ante room with comfy chairs and the bathroom is off this room. Its a place with two outdoor courtyards. Nowhere is perfect and from time to time we get the sound effects from the "House of Terror" which backs onto our room.

Last night the school did a city tour so we went with Noelia and she talked about the city. It was fascinating and we ended up at the Parque Bolivay, where the students are revising for their end of year exams. There was a band playing an some people doing a local dance, which for the girls was lots of skirt swinging but for the boys was quite energetic.

We had a lovely meal in a restaurant but then the heavens opened and it started to drip into the restaurant!! We got soaked walking back though. My stomach hasn't been too good since La Paz but it was ropey in the night and I have spent most of the day in school!! Think maybe the spicy chorizo sandwich in the market was just the final straw??

We hope to chill over the weekend, we have to be up early to go to school, and then make our way to Tupiza which will be our last stop in Bolivia. We can do the salt flats tour from there and then we have decided to skip the northern part of Chile and go into north west Argentina next. The delights of independent travel............till next time.

Love Norma xx

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