Thursday, 22 November 2012

Leaving Sucre today.............

Thought I would do a short update before we set off on the next phase of our trip. We survived the week of early mornings and Spanish classes and all in all it was good. I will have happy memories of Sucre, it is a fabulous city and it is vibrant and cultured. However in 8 days we were in 3 different hostels or hotels ........the first one had rubbish wi-fi and indifferent staff, the second had built in terror show from 5pm to 10 pm and our final, more expensive, weekend boutique hotel had loud music from a nearby bar Friday and Saturday and we had to move rooms!!

On the upside our , the Posada, has comfy beds, wonderful hot power shower, lush big towels and great buffet breakfast ..........luckily we always have earplugs so managed to sleep through the noise. Friday was great as there was a night of the Museums. All of them were open till midnight and free and some had music concerts. We listened to a couple of youth orchestras and there was a jazz band playing in one of the streets. We ended the night with crepes at the French patisserie.
Saturday we had a great day quad biking for four hours, we were out above Sucre, the scenery was fabulous and it is good on a bike as you get the air and dust in your hair!! We had a double quad but I had a go as well. Our guide was Roberto who had just returned to Bolivia having been in London for 5 years. He had worked in one of Antonio Carlucci's restaurants and it took me about half an hour to realise he was speaking English with an Italian accent , typified by the use of F***ing hell!!
Sunday was our last night so we went back to our favourite restaurant and has steak to die for..........and nice wine. All served at once and not ten minutes apart which is quite normal in Bolivia.

Then Monday we set off for the next bit of our adventure..........coming soon

Very ornate but delicious goats cheese salad

Need any ideas for your house?? Grand hotel Sucre

Above Sucre

Quad biking

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